It is usually implicitly invoked by print and show method and can be called by user when the further manipulation is needed,

ggcyto_arrange(x, ...)



ggcyto_gate_layout, which is essentially a list of ggplot objects that were previously stored as ggcyto_gate_layout object by autoplot function.


other arguments passed to arrangeGrob




if (FALSE) { # get ggcyto_GatingLayout object from first sample res <- autoplot(gs[[1]], nodes, bins = 64) class(res) # arrange it as one-row gtable object gt <- ggcyto_arrange(res, nrow = 1) gt # do the same to the second sample gt2 <- ggcyto_arrange(autoplot(gs[[2]], nodes, bins = 64), nrow = 1) # combine the two and print it on the sampe page gt3 <- gridExtra::gtable_rbind(gt, gt2) plot(gt3) }