The transformation functions are saved in the GatingSet and can be retrieved by gh_get_transformations. Currently only flowJo-type biexponential transformation(either returned by gh_get_transformations or constructed by flowJoTrans) is supported.

# S4 method for GatingSet
transform(`_data`, translist, ...)



GatingSet or GatingSetList


expect a transformList object or a list of transformList objects(with names matched to sample names)


other arguments passed to 'transform' method for 'ncdfFlowSet'.(e.g. 'ncdfFile')


a GatingSet or GatingSetList object with the underling flow data transformed.


if (FALSE) { library(flowCore) data(GvHD) fs <- GvHD[1:2] gs <- GatingSet(fs) #construct biexponential transformation function biexpTrans <- flowjo_biexp_trans(channelRange=4096, maxValue=262144, pos=4.5,neg=0, widthBasis=-10) #make a transformList object chnls <- c("FL1-H", "FL2-H") transList <- transformerList(chnls, biexpTrans) #add it to GatingSet gs_trans <- transform(gs, transList) }