Retrieve a specific keyword for a specific sample in a GatingHierarchy or or set of samples in a GatingSet or GatingSetList

# S4 method for GatingHierarchy,character
keyword(object, keyword)

# S4 method for GatingHierarchy,missing
keyword(object, keyword = "missing", ...)



GatingHierarchy or GatingSet or GatingSetList


character specifying keyword name. When missing, extract all keywords.


other arguments passed to keyword-methods


See keyword in Package `flowCore'

See also


if (FALSE) { # get all the keywords from all samples keyword(G) # get all the keywords from one sample keyword(G[[1]]) # filter the instrument setting keyword(G[[1]], compact = TRUE) # get single keyword from all samples keyword(G, "FILENAME") # get single keyword from one sample keyword(G[[1]], "FILENAME") }