It updates the channels stored in gates,compensations and transformations based on given mapping between the old and new channel names.

gs_update_channels(gs, map, all = TRUE)



a GatingSet object


data.frame contains the mapping from old (case insensitive) to new channel names Note: Make sure to remove the '<' or '>' characters from 'old` name because the API tries to only look at the raw channel name so that the gates with both prefixed and non-prefixed names could be updated.


logical whether to update the flow data as well


when 'all' is set to TRUE, it returns a new GatingSet but it still shares the same underling c++ tree structure with the original GatingSet otherwise it returns nothing (less overhead.)


if (FALSE) { ##this will update both "Qdot 655-A" and "<Qdot 655-A>" gs <- gs_update_channels(gs, map = data.frame(old = c("Qdot 655-A") , new = c("QDot 655-A") ) ) }