Extract stats from populations(or nodes) within a restricted time window

gs_pop_get_stats_tfilter(x, ...)

  nodes = NULL,
  type = c("Count", "Frequency"),
  inverse.transform = FALSE,
  stats.fun.arg = list(),
  tfilter = NULL,
  path = c("full", "auto"),



GatingSet or GatingHierarchy


the character vector specifies the populations of interest. default is all available nodes


the character vector specifies the type of pop stats or a function used to compute population stats. When it is a character, it is expected to be either "Count" or "Frequency". Default is "Count" (total number of events in the populations). When it is a function, it takes a flowFrame object through the 'fr' argument and returns the stats as a named vector.


logical flag . Whether to inverse transform the data before computing the stats.


a list of arguments passed to `type` when 'type' is a function.


Either a list (tmin, tmax) specifying the minimum and maximum of a the time window filter or a GatingHierarchy, whose minimum and maximum time will be used to determine the window. For both x and the reference GatingHierarchy in tfilter, the only channels that will match this filter are "Time" or "time" and the filter will be applied to each event such that only events with time value t where tmin <= t <= tmax will be evaluated.

path, ...

arguments passed to 'gh_get_pop_paths()'