Returns the name of the parent population or a character/numeric vector of all the children of the current population in the given GatingHierarchy

gs_pop_get_parent(obj, y, ...)

gh_pop_get_parent(obj, y, ...)

gs_pop_get_children(obj, y, showHidden = TRUE, ...)

gh_pop_get_children(obj, y, showHidden = TRUE, ...)



A GatingHierarchy


a character/numeric the name or full(/partial) gating path or node indices of the node / population.


other arguments passed to gs_get_pop_paths methods


logical whether to include the hidden children nodes.


gs_pop_get_parent returns a character vector, the name of the parent population. gs_pop_get_children returns a character or numeric vector of the node names or node indices of the child nodes of the current node. An empty vector if the node has no children.

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if (FALSE) { # G is a GatingHierarchy # return the name of the parent of the fifth node in the hierarchy. gs_pop_get_parent(G,gs_get_pop_paths(G[[1]])[5]) n<-gs_get_pop_paths(G,tsort=T)[4] #Get the names of the child nodes of the 4th node in this gating hierarchy. gs_pop_get_children(G,n) #Get the ids of the child nodes gs_pop_get_children(G,4) }