Return a list of all the transformations or a transformation in a GatingHierarchy

  channel = NULL,
  inverse = FALSE,
  only.function = TRUE,



A GatingHierarchy object


character channel name


logical whether to return the inverse transformation function. Valid when only.funtion is TRUE


logical whether to return the function or the entire transformer object(see scales package) that contains transform and inverse and breaks function.


other arguments equal.spaced logical passed to the breaks functio to determine whether to break at 10^n or equally spaced intervals


lists of functions(or transform objects when only.function is FALSE), with each element of the list representing a transformation applied to a specific channel/parameter of a sample.


Returns a list of the transformations or a transformation in the flowJo workspace. The list is of length L, where L is the number of distinct transformations applied to samples in the flowjo_workspace. Each element of L is itself a list of length M, where M is the number of parameters that were transformed for a sample or group of samples in a flowjo_workspace. For example, if a sample has 10 parameters, and 5 are transformed during analysis, using two different sets of transformations, then L will be of length 2, and each element of L will be of length 5. The elements of L represent channel- or parameter-specific transformation functions that map from raw intensity values to channel-space used by flowJo.


if (FALSE) { #Assume gh is a GatingHierarchy gh_get_transformations(gh); # return a list transformation functions gh_get_transformations(gh, inverse = TRUE); # return a list inverse transformation functions gh_get_transformations(gh, channel = "FL1-H") # only return the transfromation associated with given channel gh_get_transformations(gh, channel = "FL1-H", only.function = FALSE) # return the entire transform object }