These methods immediately delete the on-disk h5 storage associated with cytoframe, cytoset, GatingHierarchy, or GatingSet objects, but only if it is under the directory pointed to by tempdir() or alternatively specified by the temp_dir option. The temp_dir option should be used with caution as it acts as a guard against accidental removal of non-temporary storage.

cf_cleanup_temp(x, temp_dir = NULL)

cs_cleanup_temp(x, temp_dir = NULL)

gh_cleanup_temp(x, temp_dir = NULL)

gs_cleanup_temp(x, temp_dir = NULL)



a cytoframe, cytoset, GatingHierarchy, or GatingSet object


an optional argument designating another path as temporary storage. If specified this will override tempdir() in determining the top directory under which files can safely be removed.


Use of these functions will generally be unnecessary for most users, but they are provided for workflows that involve repeated creation of such data structures within the same R session to avoid overwhelming temporary storage.